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My name is David Rosenzweig and I am a 20 year old student from Long Island, New York with an immense passion for wildlife photography and conservation. My journey began at age 13 on a trip to the Galapagos Islands; it was there that I first picked up a camera. After making my first trip to the African continent one year later, I immediately found the place where I most felt at home. 


Africa quickly became an obsession for me. I fell in love with everything about the continent - from its wildlife to its peoples and its amazing opportunities. After a while searching, I found a cause that I would soon dedicate five years of my life to. Rhinos Without Borders was a radical movement started by National Geographic Photographers Dereck and Beverly Joubert. The goal of the organization was to move 100 rhinos from high-risk areas in South Africa to safe-havens in Botswana.

Five years in and we have relocated 77 rhinos and 12 calves have been born. The mission has been a resounding success, but it is not over. We need your help to make an everlasting mark on conservation in Africa

My involvement with Rhinos Without Borders represented my growing interest in Africa and Wildlife Conservation. I have now made nine successful trips to the Africa continent, focusing on anything from private safaris to rhino relocations to internships and business meetings.


 Outside of photography, I am a rising Junior at Stanford University where I study International Relations and Economic Development, focusing in on Africa. The continent's future is exceedingly bright and I hope to play a small role in its success moving forward!

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2016 - 1 image Nature's Best WSRIA Youth Photographer of the Year

2017 - 1 image Youth Outdoor Photographer of the Year

2016- 4 images Young Traveler Photographer of the Year 


2015- Por el Planeta Young Conservation

Photographer of the Year


Tel: +1 516-359-9099


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